About the Journal


BERAJAH JOURNAL ( ISSN: 2797-1805 | E-ISSN: 2797-1082 ) publishes articles on education and learning in general. Contains articles / research results written by experts, scientists, practitioners, and reviewers in the field of education and learning.

BERAJAH JOURNAL accepts and publishes articles in Indonesian and English.

Some of the scopes Berajah Journal include: Education and learning theory and foundation, Education and learning philosophy, Education and learning technology, Educational Psychology, Education and learning media, Education evaluation, Education Management, Education and learning innovation, Education for all levels, Formal education, Informal education, Non-formal education, Rural education, Urban education, Education and learning curriculum, Educators and students, Education and learning policies, Learning methods and strategies, Learning assessment, socio-culture, and Personal Development in various disciplines of social sciences, natural sciences and technology.

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